Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog Therapy - One

My personality is, for the most part, a steady one. However, I do have a streak of melancholy, and it surfaces frequently. Deep thinking, pondering bittersweet thoughts, worry about the future and the past, a too-serious view of life...these are minefields for me, and oftentimes the websites I choose to visit are crafted by women with similar temperaments. At first, this seems serendipitous, to find strangers who view life as I do, and often express thoughts and observations that have me nodding in agreement. Their images may be thought-provoking, revealing depth. Their words may be poetic, heartrending even. And this is a reflection of their expansive souls and a God-given gift of expression.

Yet, there are times when I am close to being emotionally depleted,  and I need to step away from reading the reflections of these like-hearted women for a season, so I do not drift too far into my own self.

What I do instead, when I feel as if I may soon succumb to melancholic tendencies, is visit a blog with a purposefully cheerful outlook, by a woman whose sanguine temperament counteracts my personal inclinations.  I have a few websites I would like to share with you over the next few days.  I always shut down the computer refreshed and more positive when I visit these websites. They encourage me to choose my attitudes and responses, and help me to see that a change in perspective can, indeed, be a miracle.

Firsw up, the adorably delightful Sugar Pie Farmhouse!

Ruthann tends her Sugar Pie Farmhouse with effervescence and care. Each thoroughly-realized post is chock-full of encouragement and ideas, cheerful images and happy-making music.  She peppers each essay with Scripture which is often just the thing I needed at just the right moment.  And she speaks often of choosing our attitude, how when we catch ourselves in a "whine" we have the opportunity to purposely change our minds about a matter.  Her family is adorable, and one thing I really love is advice from a mother who is a step ahead of me in experience.  I do think you will enjoy your visit to Ruthann's.  When I leave her website, I have a spring in my step, an extra measure of energy, and a heart bursting with love for my children, my husband, my home, and my Lord. 

More to come...

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