Monday, March 28, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays

My heart overflows with thanks for...

~ a friend who exemplifies this quote from St. Francis de Sales.  I originally came upon this quote at Small Treasures, and it has remained with me.  It suits my dear friend, for whom I am grateful...
If your mutual exchanges deal with knowledge, your friendship is certainly very laudable; it will be even better if they deal with the moral virtues such as prudence, discretion, strength, justice; but if they pertain to charity, the love of God, Christian perfection, then this friendship is truly precious and excellent: excellent because it comes from God, excellent because it tends toward God, excellent because its bond is God, excellent because it will endure eternally in God.

~a sweet, small boy who seeks me out when he hears me gargling to ease my sore throat.  "I hope you feel better, " he says with a hug into my legs.  He knows he's being cute.  He puts an extra squint into his smile.

~success at basketball for another dear, loving boy.  Tall, lanky, built for it.

~three perfect tests for a smart little girl! 

~two lost pounds.  Eh.  I'll take it.

~a husband who rushed home from work upon hearing I wasn't feeling well.  I was just dehydrated.  I'm fine now.  And on that note...

~clean, cool water to drink.  It is heartrending that many don't have this simple, lifegiving necessity.

~the inspiration of Dave Ramsey and the relief of being debt-free except for the house!

~Focus on the Family, for reliable guidance, well-presented.  So much helpful information for every stage of family life.

~a husband who woke up before dawn to take our elder son cycling this morning. 

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